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Character Design - PR&D V3 (Sep 25 2017)

We use storytelling and characters to help you make content that captures your audience and makes your message easier to understand.

Videos starting at $799.

Use Animated Videos To:

Promote a Product/Service

When your company has developed a new product or service, use video to help potential customers learn how it works and the benefits of using it.


Explain an Idea

You want to talk about a new idea or discovery. An animated video can help to illustrate that idea or discovery in a simpler way.


Discuss a Social Cause

Engage your audience in an emotional way to rally behind a cause, or provide a powerful message to make a difference in society or in someone's lives.

Give Advice or Information

Give tips, tricks or safety advice to teach customers, train employees or teach students.

Tell a Story

Talk about your company, the company's team, the company culture or the company's history. You can even tell a customer's story or testimony.

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The Types of Video Content We Can Help You Make:

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The type of video that we are known for. A roughly 90 second or so video that explains something using visuals to help make it easier to understand.


Social Media

Short videos that you can post on your social media feeds, such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Product Demo

A great way to visually show exactly how a product or service works.  Great for software, where you can screen record how to use the software.

Corporate Culture
Learn about the people or history behind the company, and what type of culture you're trying to build inside of the company.

Human Resources

Make human resources messages easier to understand for your employees by adding visuals to help illustrate the message.

Training & Learning

These can be used as part of orientation to train new hires on the ins and outs of your company, or as a video series to be used in a course to teach students.



Build strong loyalty and trust by educating your audience on important topics that you value.

Branded Content/Entertainment

Engage with your audience on  a more emotional and human level by creating content simply for the purpose of entertainment instead of simply to promote your brand.



Provide an honest backstory about your customer and how your company has made their lives better.

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Organizations we've worked with.

Kukuzoo Videos Testimonial Jim Lavery

"Highly responsive, met our tight deadlines, and most importantly, did a fantastic job on our video! Thank you."​

Jim Lavery, St. Michaels Hospital

Kukuzoo Videos Testimonial Sean Pennino

"The creation process was seamless and we are thrilled with the final product. Can't thank Don and the Kukuzoo team enough!"​

​Sean Pennino, TeeSpring

Our Video Production Process.



The most crucial part to any video is getting your message across. Let's help you tell your story.



We begin designing the characters and other objects that will be placed in the animation.



Choose from a selection of professional voice over personalities that narrate your script.



We take the designs and compile sound effects and music to the animation.