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We make animated videos for businesses.

In 2012, Don Radhay first started Kukuzoo as an Animation studio that worked with story writers to help create designs and short animations in order to pitch stories to television networks and producers. We would help writers to take their stories, and develop character designs and short animated videos or pilots, to help visualize their work for producers and networks, in order to better understand the story visually. This quickly became a challenge because at this time, so much of the entertainment was quickly  transitioning online. It was at this time that Don began to look at online video content, and he saw that organizations were also looking for a way to compete online, as well as tell their own stories.

In 2014, Kukuzoo fully transitioned into developing explainer videos for organizations. As of now, we've worked with organizations off all shapes including, Startup companies, Charities, Universities, Research Centers, Hospitals, Public Utilities, Law firms, Car Dealerships and Financial Institutes.


Kukuzoo is Located in the City of Toronto, Canada.


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Don Radhay

Founder x Creative Director