What type of videos do you create?

We are focused on delivering high quality 2D Animated videos. We can also provide kinetic typography aka. Motion graphic videos.

How long are the videos?

As long as you need them to be, however, we believe that the sweet spot for animated explainer videos is 90 seconds.

What makes you different than other companies in your field?

Other than providing strong storytelling for your brand and message, we believe strong stories must have strong characters. We always guarantee that the characters in your videos will resonate with your audience, much like a mascot in a business. While a lot of other companies will have a producer on board to take you through the process of video creation, we provide dedicated Art director so that creativity, storytelling and design is always the driving force throughout the production.

What type of industries do you work with?

We've worked with organizations of all sizes and in all sorts of industries, from tech startups, charities, schools, scientists, and even hospitals. As long as you have a message to communicate, your industry fits the need for a video.

Do you work with companies outside of the U.S or Canada?
Yes! The entire process takes place online, so as long as you have access to internet, you can work with us.

Do you offer videos in other languages?
Yes, we offer translation and voice over services if you need a video in another language other than English.

How long does production take?

Most 1-2 minute productions take between 4-6 weeks. This depends on your ability to get back to us during feedback time. If you need a video done quicker, we can adjust to fit your deadlines.

Can you make videos faster?

Sure! Tell us your time frame and we will work towards that. There may be an added fee depending on the amount of time we have to complete the video, but we are very negotiable.

How do you collaborate with customers during production?

We keep in touch via email, and we will always be available to you should you need to reach us. For receiving and reviewing drafts or other deliverables, we use Dropbox, so that we can link you directly to a directory of all production work. It will be synced 24/7 and available to you at anytime and anywhere.

Do you prefer clients who are hands-off or highly involved?

That is entirely up to you and how you'd like to work. We are very flexible and the only mandatory thing we ask from you is to provide us with feedback or approval in various stages of the production.

What if a client already has a script, storyboard, voice overs, or designs, can you still work with those?

Of course, in fact if you have a script or storyboard ready, we can look at it with our expert story writers and artists and provide feedback.  If that's not needed, we can offer a discount and move forward with the portions of production that you need help with.

Who owns the right to the video.
You will own full rights to the videos we produce. We only ask that we can showcase the videos and other designs for our portfolio.

Are you willing to sign client contracts, such as an NDA?
Yes, outside of our own letter of agreement,which we have all new customers sign, we are willing to sign any contracts in order to protect your projects.

Can Agencies outsource your services?

Yes, if you are an ad agency you can offer your clients our service and work with us to develop them.

How can we make payments?

We ask for a 50% deposit up front and than a final 50% at the end of production. You can make a credit card payment via our PayPal merchant service (You do not need a PayPal account, just a valid credit card) or you can send us a check.