Our Video Production Process

During the process of making your video, we will have various stages of Production.

These stages are Script, Voice, Design and then finally Animation.


Once we get an idea of... well... your IDEA, we will write a script for you. Our scripts will include character dialogue or narration, and a description of the action that is taking place. If you are looking for a specific length for your video, then we will determine this through a word count, which is 150 words per minute. You or your team can also write the script yourselves, we are more than happy to help you revise the script, or give you some suggestions on how to improve it.


We outsource the character voices or voice narration to a group of our hand selected voice actors and send you auditions from each of them for you to choose from. One you've made a decision on the voices that you like, we hire them to record your script. We can hire as many actors as you need for your project, especially with scripts that have multiple characters.

Here's a sample of some of our voice work.


Depending on your budget, we can hand select a collection of our own exclusive design templates, or develop a fully customized design to fit your brand.


We determine the price of the animation based on the length of the video. Based on your budget, we can develop animation with just solid colored backgrounds and no music, or go all out with detailed backgrounds and even background music.

Revisions Rounds.

During each stage of production, we will send you a draft, during that time, you'll have a period in which you can request changes. We call this a revision round. You are free to make as many changes as you'd like with each round of revision.


During production, we will set you up with a timeline. One average, a one minute video will take about 4-6 weeks. Production time can vary depending on when you get back to us with revisions.

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