The power of Explanation. Solving the "Why should I care?" component

September 12, 2013

“The biggest barrier to adoption is not benefits or features, but communication.” - Lee Lefever.


So let’s talk about that. The ability to connect with people at the click of a mouse has made it that much easier to create products that solve big problems with great ideas. The ideas are churning out so fast that day by day we are bombarded with images and words about products. Thats great and all, but the problem now is our attention spans are slowly dwindling. One of those reasons is because you and I are now only focused on our own ideas. Therefore I am hard pressed to instantly care about your idea and vice versa. So the challenge is how do you engage me and make me care?


I am in the business of explanation first, I am in the business of video production second. The value I offer comes from the ability to make ideas easier to understand. The medium of animation is crucial in solidifying that simple explanation style, but first and foremost comes the explanation.


Explanation is an art, and the most effective explanation creates engagement. To do that we follow the rules of storytelling.


Great storytelling since its inception thousands of years ago has a plot. A plot is most often about a conflict or struggle that a character, or group of characters go through. That character will most likely solve that problem and in turn the character grows from the struggle or learns from it.




Let’s look things from the perspective of a business wanting to explain their products.


What's the struggle in this plot? Its is the main pain point that your product is looking to solve. Your pain point is like the Galactic Empire, reigning tyranny and all who oppose. We need to create a solution for this problem and we need a character to help carry us through this struggle.


Your character is your customer. And your character will eventually solve their problem through the use of a specific system. In the case of star wars, Luke Skywalker was able to join the Rebel Alliance and use the Force as a powerful weapon against his main struggle. For your customer, your product is going to be the main tool for them to solve their product.


Your product is the ultimate solution, the tool that will help to save your customer in his struggle.


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