Four Types of Explainer Videos that marketers commonly use

November 11, 2014

If you have been following online videos for a while, you may have discovered many explainers that are marketed or created very differently.

That being said, not all explainers are created equal. It’s not just about the product. It’s not just about the message or its tone. 

It’s also about the production style.

So whether you’ve seen white-screen videos filled with texts, or animations with friendly characters, we are going to discuss four broad types of explainers.



Typographic videos

Typographic videos contain shots that display words. They are effective if you want to creatively present facts and figures or to inspire viewers with an empowering message. Unlike other videos, their usage of images and characters are sparse, but in sequence they are straightforward in getting the word out, while using a variety of fonts and colours to emphasize certain ideas. Some examples include the Grasshopper video about entrepreneurship and an excellent message by Ira Glass.


Whiteboard videos

Whiteboard videos often feature illustrations on a whiteboard to explain an idea. This animation style displays an artist’s hand drawing sequences and can be effective for telling a story visually. As a decade-old animation technique, this is still a favourite among many businesses due to its simplicity in video-making. An example is Truscribe’s intro video.


Live action videos

Seems too trivial isn’t it? 

Live action explainers involve real actors, location, and other filming equipment including camera and props. Compared to most types of videos, live explainers are generally non-animated and can sometimes be expensive. 

These types of videos are an asset for companies that promote physical products/services. With real actors engaged in a live action video, you get to see them actually demonstrate a product, giving you the idea of how it works. Check out this humorous yet educational explainer from Poo-Pourri to understand how it works.


Animation Videos

A lot of businesses use animated videos for their products and services. With entertaining characters and friendly images, an animated explainer can be visually pleasing to a viewer.

Visuals aside, animated explainers are known for being low-cost to make and are popular among startups. There are also many different sub-categories of animated explainers, including 2D (very common), 2.5D, 3D, and stop-motion videos. Examples include the famous Dropbox explainer and the many explainer videos produced by Kukuzoo.



These are the broad types of explainer videos that are used widely among businesses and startups.  At Kukuzoo, we specialize in creating animated explainers, as we understand that many companies are looking for low-budget, engaging videos for their marketing strategy. We have created videos for many companies from a wide range of industries. So come check them out!




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