How to use Explainer videos for your KickStarter campaign

November 17, 2014



As you may have heard, most explainer videos can be used in a lot of situations and settings. When you create one with Kukuzoo, you could use it anywhere to describe your idea succinctly and even attract potential prospects and investors. 


What you might also have heard of is using explainers for Kickstarter campaigns.


Kickstarter is a great way to generate buzz around your new product or company, and is certainly a great way to attract potential backers who might want to support you. But with so much competition, the best way to stand out is to have a great explainer video. 


Wait! But there are also many campaigns that involve explainers!! What could you do to make your campaign successful - whatever your goals or needs?


Here are five tips to do it:


Present the pain point 


There must be a reason why you are making what you need to have funded. In order to get your point across to the crowdfunding crowd, you need to clearly define what the problem is that you are solving.


Have a story and characters to tell 


Even in crowdfunding, it could be so compelling to explain your ideas in a narrative context. The fact that crowdfunding is a social initiative in backing projects, why not share your story with people who might want to support your cause?


Test your scripts! 


How you deliver your message matters. It also matters that whoever is watching your video would likely be supporting you provided that your message resonates with them. The best place to start is testing with other people - be it your existing customers/clients, co-workers etc. At Kukuzoo, you could iterate as many times as you need to get the video properly made before sending to your crowdfunding campaign.


Ask for the funding


You are creating an explainer video to help people understand your concept, but in crowdfunding campaigns you also need to be transparent about the call to action. 

You do need to clearly explain why you need a certain amount of funding. Assuming that your idea is compelling to people, and that the first three points are covered, you have the privilege to explicitly ask for the funding to people who trust you. 


Be clear about your intent 


Just because you have an idea and you need to raise money, doesn’t mean that a crowdfunding campaign is used for scamming. You need to establish relationships with people who might back you.



The internet is a place for people to connect with one another. You are here to create something that might benefit hundreds or thousands of people, who want what you are making. So make sure that your animation, your scripts, your call to action, and also your project provide an overall sense of genuineness. This tip permeates throughout the other 4 tips.


If you ever have a project that you need funding for, you need to have an explainer video. More than half of the successful campaigns use explainer videos, so it’s clear that having one gives you an advantage. If you’re with Kukuzoo, you have an opportunity to work with us and have a great video made for your needs. 


Got a project you need funding for? Send us a message and let’s talk about it!



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