Using Email Marketing With Video Explainers

November 24, 2014

Last time, we’ve written about how to use video explainers effectively in Kickstarter campaigns.

This post will be about using videos in email marketing, and why it is so important to use explainers with email as part of your marketing strategy.


Email and video could make a strong combination, if used well. While most businesses and pundits continue to claim that email marketing is dead, the reality is that it has become more powerful than ever. More and more people subscribe to weekly newsletters, early bird deals for new products and services, webinars, and a chance to learn about a potential solution or product that they would like to buy.


But having a video could increase your odds of engagement.


Like used anywhere else, having a video in email tends to lead to more views by visitors and casual viewers. As videos become an engaging part of the internet experience, it helps to include one if you want to increase your conversions.


There’s a lot of statistics out there that confirm how powerful video is in email. For example, a study from Forrester Marketing Group showed that email + video increased click-through rates by 200% to 300%. Another research from Eloqua showed that including an introductory video could drastically cut down the withdrawal rate by 75%!


So how do you effectively use videos in your email campaign? Here are some ideas:


1. Don't use videos unless you have a compelling call-to-action. While it’s fun to get viewers and subscribers to check out your content, you need to intelligently decide where to include one. If it is an invitation to try out a brand new product or prototype, then it is appropriate to include one.


2. Have a thumbnail instead of a hyperlink. Most viewers are more than compelled to click on an image, as it leads them to a video in which they will watch, if interested.


3. Run tests. This is a given. There are analytics tools in which you can use to track your video and email marketing campaigns. For example, you could use Mailchimp to track CTRs and open rates.


4. Create a landing page with an embedded video. Sometimes, when you are about to launch a new product or service, it is best to create a landing page with the video embedded. Like 2), you need to have a clear call to action in the email and your landing page.


5. Use a video analytics tool as well. This is crucial if you want to understand how well your viewers find your video. You might have several videos that present different types of messages; some actually give a detailed explanation of a product and others give a high-level overview. By tracking these metrics you could make informed decisions about what your next video message will be, to attract an audience of engaged viewers.


If you haven’t used explainers in emails yet, why not go give it a try! Video is one of the most powerful form of media on the internet, and using one in an intimate form of building an audience could potentially lead to much greater ROI.


More and more companies are adopting this marketing strategy, so why can’t you?




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