5 Explainers Videos That We Have Created over 3 Years

January 19, 2015

At Kukuzoo, we have created many animated explainers for our clients. Most of them have come from different niches and the types of businesses served (startups, corporations, governments). Over more than 3 years, we have helped dozens of businesses build their brands, increase awareness, and improve profitability.


That being said, here are five Kukuzoo-produced explainers we like to talk about, in no specific preference over one another and in no particular order.


Torix Music Network


Torix is an internet radio station that broadcasts clean music due to an amount of explicit content promoted in most media. Rather than promoting such content, Torix goes Beyond the Beat by featuring songs that are hot, yet clean and appropriate for people to listen to. Even better, many songs come from different popular genres, which appeal to most mainstream listeners and listeners of other types of music.




Skillcademy offers students job training in an area of their choice to prepare them for jobs in response to the ever increasing competition for young people to get their dream jobs early on in their lives. The program offers people to gain applicable job skills, followed by internships and mentorship as they are ready to apply for jobs that most would kill for.




Lawfice offers digital products that help businesses and other legal firms to manage corporate documents. With Lawfice, businesses and clients can collaborate more effectively on the cloud, and could securely sign, share, review, or store documents without the inefficiencies of traditional administrative work.

There is also a French version of the Lawfice animated explainer.


Intel C


Intel C offers advertising solutions that help businesses reach out to the right customers through testing their campaigns and measuring their effectiveness. Complete with analytics dashboard, businesses can spend little, track and measure (SLTM) their campaigns before they could confidently target their clients and customers using campaigns that work.

There are several main methods to use with Intel C: voice and sms broadcasting enable businesses to send instant alerts for promotions and other marketing means; the cloud call centre lets them set up customer service centres as lean as they need to.


South Dade Toyota


Based on Homestead, Florida, South Dade Toyota is known for their Lifetime Warranty customer experience. As a one-of-a-kind car dealer, South Dade’s customers have enjoyed owning their cars for however many years they want, while keeping their warranties with them. There are also no mile limits in these warranties.

In addition to the Lifetime Warranty deal, South Dade Toyota also offers a Rent-A-Car service along with a trip to Miami and VIP experience.


With many different clients that we worked with, Kukuzoo has created many animated explainers to serve their business needs. Not all videos are created equal, but from each of these examples we have taken an idea and simplified it into an easy-to-understand message accompanied with clear animation.

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