The Importance of Multiple Explainer Videos

February 2, 2015


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One thing you notice a lot about video marketing is that you see businesses that create one video that explains the overall concept or big idea.


But is one video always enough? Nope.


Well, not all companies are created equal. If you are a grassroots startup, it might have made sense that you and your team have only one major value proposition to make an impression on your audience. If you’re in a more mature business, it might get complicated if you’re trying to cram several ideas into a video.


This isn’t feasible. Depending on your industry and your offering, you might need several explainer videos to convey the clear big picture of your business. If that’s the case, here are some tips to offer for creating your set of explainers:


Have an Intro Video

Imagine being a tourist coming to a beautiful city in a new country.


You, along with several complete strangers who are also tourists in the same group as you, are being met by a tour guide who proudly welcomes you to a fantastic location. During her speech, she may have glossed over some of the city’s highlights, such as the best locations for municipal parks and sight-seeing; various positive statistics; and the friendly vibe that the city offers. By the time she ends her speech, she may have begun to start taking you throughout the streets, giving you first-hand exposure to an unfamiliar setting.


Basically, if your company has a lot to explain and offer to your audience, you need to take on the position of the tour guide. Introduce your viewers and prospects to your company’s mission, core values, how its products could benefit them, and other important information worthy in a 1-minute overview.


Create an Explainer Video for each product/product line you wish to explain


As you and your fellow peers get on the tour bus, your tour guide begins to explain each of the highlights of the city that you travel through. This could include major intersections, a historical monument, high-profile neighbourhoods, rich neighbourhoods, chic areas for shopping, college and university settings. Your city might have various hubs where particular communities are clustered together; so there may be an area full of fashion stores, an area full of high tech companies, or even a powerful financial district. In each of these highlights your crew drops off the bus for visiting them first-hand.


If your business or organization has much to explain and offer, it pays to create an explainer video showcasing each “highlight” for your audience to be aware of. Note that they should still be concise and informative. If someone visits your website, they want a condensed video about each of your offerings to understand more about your organization.


At Kukuzoo, one of our clients, GiveEffect, has two explainer videos - each one explaining their offering for a particular type of customer (employees or charity business). As a rapidly growing startup, they recognized that just one explainer video is not enough to convey their ideas to their audience.


So why multiple explainer videos?


Multiple explainer videos can give you a chance to explain other ideas in depth that you couldn’t cover in your introductory video. When your visitors first enter your site (assuming you have embedded them on your site), your site may have other sections that your visitors are curious to learn more about. It is incredibly helpful that you include videos in these sections, as visitors could get a clear, big-picture understanding of your offering before engaging with you.


There you have it. Our fictional tour guide will have continued to take her tourists around the city, before they can be by themselves.


The essence of explainer videos is that whatever idea you need to bring to your audience, break it down into simple, manageable chunks of information in a short video. Much like podcasts and blogs (including this!), internet users want to be educated. And the more you educate them, the more they will know about and trust your company.

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