How do You Test Your Explainers' Effectiveness?

February 9, 2015

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Why is split testing so important?


It’s simple: to track which version of your marketing campaign works the best before you invest time and resources into it.


A quick explanation on split testing: split testing - also known as ‘A/B’ testing - allows marketers to test different versions of their marketing copy by tweaking certain elements of it. If you have a landing page for promoting a product or service, you might have determined that you are concerned about the effectiveness of its call-to-action, and so you create different versions of the same landing page, each with a call-to-action modified. You then track (using an analytics tools of your choice) to see which works the best once you start to distribute them.


Much like landing pages, video marketing could be well-executed on the basis of split testing. As online videos become a predominant medium of information sharing, wouldn’t you want to maximize your return on marketing investment? 


Here are some elements of an explainer video you might want to test:




How well does your video script explain your idea? 


Do you need to outline the details a bit more about your highlighted features, or do you need to gloss them over to introduce your other product details?


How would your viewers interpret the message that you presented to them? 


Do you use enough simple language, or do you mix with a bit of jargon to condense your ideas?


What if you removed the script and the voice-over?


What if you alter the phrase of your call-to-action?


These are some useful questions to ask before you decide going forward with a scripting test.


Design and Animation


Along with your script, you may have had to determine if your animation flow along with it. Character animation may play a role in this. If you have a shot of a character logging into a website in which you wish to promote, which section of the website do you want to show to appeal to your viewers? Certainly not the about page or FAQ page right?


Much like scripting, you might also want to test your call-to-action at the end of the video. What happens if you change the font? What if you phrase it differently? Did you include the social media icons in which your viewers could use to find you? What is the size of those icons?


Concept and Imagery


Of course, testing the performance of an explainer video isn’t just about the mechanics of it, you should also consider the overall concept in which you use to create one.

With your characters and scripts, how many ways could you define the pain point in which your product could solve? What if you change the situation involving the characters, that could best lead to the introduction of your product?


If you have several products/services to explain for your company, should you create one video highlighting them all, or should you create a video for each highlight?


For an explainer video to be successful, it might take several test runs and versions to run before you could find reliable results. But the above points are the main considerations for what you could and should test. 


Once you find a version that works the best, you’ve got a winner that could help you drive more traffic and leads.

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