Help! I need to find a voice-actor for my video!

February 16, 2015

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So you’ve just created your video explainer. You have outlined the concept and idea for your video. You’ve drawn your storyboards. And you’ve put them to life through some sort of animation.


But unless you video doesn’t have words to explain it, you’ve probably had a script written out, didn’t you?


Somehow, that script is going to need to be carried out to clearly convey the message of your video explainer…in the form of a voice-over. If you’ve ever had experience in creating an explainer, you would know how important it is to find a voice to help present the brand of your business idea (forget digital voices! They’re not real!).


However, finding a voice actor to give your video voice requires knowing how to do it. Here are some things to consider when looking for a voice actor.


Consider the tone of your audience.


Before you search for - or hire - a voice talent, you need to understand first that the purpose of a video explainer is to connect with your viewers. Just like a nerd can connect with other nerds, you need to know who your viewers are, what their desires are, what their pain points and needs are, or other demographic information such as age and occupation in order to create a video that resonates with them.


Think about it. Isn’t a video worth watching when you hear a 3-year old promoting a cosmetics product? Not that I don’t like children in voice acting, but the particular voice talent that you hire has to be convincing to your audience that the video explainer itself is engaging and genuine.


If you haven’t understood your target audience well enough, refer back to your creative brief to discover the underlying details of who you are targeting to and their psychodynamics.

Understand your audience well, and you will have narrowed down to the appropriate, representative tone of voice that you need for your explainer and ultimately, your company brand.


Search for prospective voice-over actors


This one seems to be an obvious next step, but after you have thoroughly determined the tone of your audience and the style for the voice, you need to actually go look for actors who could personify your company brand.


Go to sites like and you will find tons of voice actors that could help deliver the kind of voice you need for your video. Sites like can help simplify your process of finding talent by receiving fast responses from applicants and listening to their voice-over samples. You also do not need to pay unnecessary agency overhead in these sites. However, you may need to consider their quotes and experience, as such factors may affect the quality of your overall video.


Some of you may have had connections with other actors before, so consider them as well if they may be a good fit for your video project. Whether it is through social media or personal professional relationships, you may want to reach out to them as well.


Eventually, narrow down to a list of actors whom you may consider hiring.


Hire and execute


Once you found and hired a voice-actor who fits best for your project, follow-up with them about the introduction to your company’s mission and video concept. By letting them know about your company’s mission and video concept upfront, they will be prepared to know how they will project their voice later on.


Have them record the script! This seems quite self-explanatory, but here’s the catch: sometimes when you need to revise a video or script, getting them to voice for you may mean you will be charged again for a re-recording. So before you even have them audition, make sure your script is revised and clearly conveyed. The fewer revisions, the lower the overhead.


When the voicing over is completed and embedded into the video, you may wrap up the project by compensating the actor.


WIth all this in mind, finding a voice actor for your video explainer may take some time and effort. No doubt. But don’t be discouraged! With time and experience you will get better at it. Making a high quality video will result in the right kind of people engaging with your company brand, due in large part to having the right voice-over that aligns with the audience.

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