4 Types of YouTube TrueView ads to consider for Promoting your next Explainer Video

March 9, 2015

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Last post, we have explored what YouTube TrueView is and the reasons to (and not to) use it for your video marketing campaign. To summarize the definition, TrueView is an advertisement method where marketers pay only when viewers watch the ad, given that it is shown to the appropriate demographic in which they target to.


That being said, here are four types of TrueView ads that you could consider for your video marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at each of them.


Instream ads


Sometimes, when you come across a YouTube video, you would see that there is a video ad played with the countdown of 5 seconds, after which you can choose to click the “Skip ad” button once to directly watch the video content - or watch the entire ad.


These are called instream ads. Instream ads typically last for 30 seconds but it’s not uncommon to last longer than a minute.


Depending on who initially views the ad, TrueView could determine when the marketer pays for the cost per view (CPV). If a viewer skips the pre-roll ad after 5 seconds, then it is likely that he or she is not interested. Otherwise, he or she may be a lead, which factors into the CPV.


In-slate ads


Have you ever been watching a long video, only to be interspersed with pre-roll ads after every 5 to 10 minutes?


These are called in-slate ads. They are similar to instream ads in which a viewer is shown a pre-roll but only after each duration of watching video content. In this type of targeting, there could be more than one ad being shown to you, similar to watching TV commercials. Whether the viewer chooses to watch the entire ad or not (the former in which the marketer pays), the video content resumes afterwards.


In-search ads


In-search ads appear above the search results after a viewer submits keywords for a video search. When he or she selects one of them to watch, the marketer pays for the view.


Given that they appear above the search results, these promoted ads - unlike those of in-slate and instream - are shown as thumbnails in an orange overlay with “ad” labeled at either the top or bottom right-hand corner. This type of advertisement is similar to text ads when a user searches using a keyword in the Google search engine.


In-display ads


In-display ads appear as thumbnails among the list of suggested videos and related videos from which a viewer is currently watching. Much like in-search ads, in-display ads are shown in an orange overlay with the word “ad” at the top or bottom right-hand corner. When the viewer chooses to watch the ad, marketers pay for the view.



These are the four types of TrueView ads for video marketers. However you use them depends on the audience in which you want to target to and the appropriate format in which you promote certain content.

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