An Alternative Marketing Method to YouTube TrueView

March 23, 2015


Not every startup or established company would choose to advertise their explainer videos on YouTube. For those who want to create high-quality, targeted explainer videos to a select group of prospects and loyal viewers, consider an alternative video hosting site: Vimeo.




Vimeo is a video sharing site that is visited by more than 100 million people every month from all over the world. Instead of displaying video ads, Vimeo users place their online videos in their customized brand channels, which they can use to showcase to niche audiences or reach their audiences through social media and PR.


In contrast to YouTube, Vimeo is catered to specific communities of video makers and potential prospects who may benefit from viewing their content. To successfully market to your audience, you need to understand that Vimeo isn’t a platform for mainstream viewers who would casually stumble across your content, but instead come up with something great and nichy that they would want to talk about.


That being said, Vimeo marketing strives for the quality of your explainer videos. When your video gains interest from users, be sure to interact with them, as it shows that you care about your company and tribe as much they do. Doing so will build trust and integrity with your followers. You could also customize your video players as a way of aligning the aesthetics with your brand.


This also means that there is little potential for your Vimeo content to go viral. However, once a user finishes watching a video, there is no video recommendation or competitor content to display. This makes the viewership experience much cleaner. In addition, there are no commercialized content getting in the way, resulting in fewer videos marketed to the right audience. This gives explainer videos an edge to target their content.


While the major downside is that Vimeo has proportionately fewer views than YouTube, Vimeo’s viewership has been increasing fairly dramatically over the last few years. Many of the best known brands such as The Lincoln Motor Company and Intel have advertised through Vimeo.


If you are marketing a B2B business, using Vimeo is perhaps the best route for explainer video marketing. Here you will meet with serious video makers and artists, viewers, and passionate community members around the niche you are serving.


Vimeo may seem less SEO focused and more organic than YouTube, but it is useful for connecting with like-minded people who may care about what you offer. Instead of relying on PPC campaigns, you build integrity in your explainer video by actually teaching people who are passionate about your topic.

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