Why Explainer Videos would work for Real Estate

April 6, 2015


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It is clear that anyone who is looking to move to a new neighbourhood or city would need to learn about it before making their purchasing decisions.


Each property - whether it be an apartment building or suite, a house, a condo, or a townhouse - has its own distinctive perks for living, and the logistics of its real estate are worth understanding. That being said, a great way to realtors to educate their clients is to use an explainer video.


In fact, there are a number of realtors who have found new success with creating explainer videos. Maybe you will too, if you are one. Here are several reasons:


Show - don't tell - the specs


Oftentimes introducing a new prospect a description of a property can be really daunting. You

would have unnecessarily have long, complicated discussions with your potential buyers about the complexities of the property or even moving in. What is the size of a room? What's the benefit of positioning a room that leads to another? Any facilities in the condominium? What are their perks?


Sure, your prospect might walk into a house or apartment while you explain everything to him about it, but he would only get a brief experience of it upon discussing with you during the visit. In the world of ever-increasing connectivity, having access to this experience through an explainer video would


1) help clarify/simplify some of the ideas that he has learned, 

2) remind him of the specificities of the property


Educate about the buying process


Ever wonder why it took you months or years to finally move to a new home?


The buying process is often long and tedious! Seriously. There's this whole thing about signing contracts, purchasing utilities, understanding utilities, etc. It seems that only real estate experts know this. The experience of selling or even buying a home is not so fun. 


Having an explainer video could help condense these complicated ideas - even if it's just a step in the process - could help make things easier for prospects. If there's a legal aspect of the process, such as changing an address or signing a contract, have an explainer video to explain about it. 


This will ease the buyer in his purchasing journey and instils trust on the realtor.


Tell a story about the neighbourhood, the community, or the city


This might depend on who your prospect is, but it is really important to educate newcomers about the community in which they are introduced to. Is there any historical highlights of the neighbourhood in question? What about the house? Who built it? Why was it designed this way? Who were and are the people living in the community? What kinds of activities do they do? 


Back to our fictional prospect. He's got a reason for having an interest in this place. Maybe he's got a family and he wants to move to a new neighbourhood where his kids could meet more friends. Maybe it's because he wants to connect with other like-minded, smart people in the community that he feels belonged to. If you have a video that addresses these points, he would most likely keep a stake in the property. 


Creating a story that people could relate also applies to real estate.



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