Don't waste your customers time with VIDEO ADS, give it back with real value.

April 7, 2016

You can't JUST create a Video Ad and think it's going to build business. The truth is IT WON'T.


No one honestly watches video to watch video ads, they watch to gain value, and that value comes through entertainment or through utility. The thing is, we as marketers have truly soiled the canvas that is communication and entertainment, and the people are fighting back against us. There is a reason ad-block pro is one of the biggest browser extensions being used by people, no one wants to watch your ad, plain and simple. However, we continue along the same path of typical video marketing content that does nothing but boast about products.



OK, but we still need to sell said products. If it’s one thing we’ve all learned is that people want to buy, they just don't want to be sold too. The challenge for us marketers is how do we reach the masses and still bring awareness to our business. Here's what you should be doing, turn your video marketing strategies into content that people will GENUINELY want to watch. Take a look at your customers, what do they value, what do they enjoy? There is nothing more important than understanding them. Now, use the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, Video, to its true potential and give them something they would want to watch and then SHARE. Video content, when used as a tool to talk about your product and then ask people to buy it, is cheapening the true power of the medium. Hey, even we at Kukuzoo are part of that problem. We are all trying to resist the inevitable change that is the customer psyche by beating at it with the same tools that caused them to distrust us. This is why many marketers should be head over heels about storytelling. It is the most ancient form of communication that provides instant engagement by cutting out the BS and getting straight to what people are actually passionate for, a good story.


People want to buy, they just don't want to be sold too.


This is also why companies pay an arm and a leg for product placement. Why aren't we asking the real question, why on earth is Rick Grimes and crew driving a 2013 Hyundai Tucson during the 2010 apocalypse? (That’s The Walking Dead, for those not part of the #TWDFAM)


OK, so we all get product placement. But here's how this will change. The Now of video content marketing will be to entertain your customers through storytelling, with no catch. Yes, companies will make their own TV shows, short films and movies. The term content studio has popped up during the last year. It refers to brands developing content based solely on entertaining their consumers. Instead of product placement, Investing that money into developing content that is view worthy instead of desperately trying to place your product into other people's content that is view worthy. You’re turning your marketing expenses from liabilities to ASSETS. Because the marketing content, once used to sell a product, now sells on its own.


Marriot hotels and resorts started their own content studio in which they began developing the short film series Two Bellman.

 We truly partner with creators to tell original stories that showcase our portfolio of 19 brands – positioning the hotels and destinations as characters themselves


In one of their blogs in February, Marriott international’s Vice President of Global Creative + Content Marketing David Beebe said that “The Marriott Content Studio is a safe place for the creative community, where we truly partner with creators to tell original stories that showcase our portfolio of 19 brands – positioning the hotels and destinations as characters themselves – ultimately inspiring viewers to travel,”


So exactly is the true ROI for doing something this creative? Well, Bleebe goes on to say “ It’s just one part of a much larger global marketing ecosystem and strategy that is focused on winning the hearts, minds, and wallets of the next generation traveler.”


Use video the way it was truly meant to be used. Look, marketers have been having bad relationships with it’s consumers, like it was an awkward break up, so we try desperately to win them back, sometimes it takes really getting to what they love, for them to spend some time with us to realise that we’re not so bad after all.


The next time you plan out your next video marketing strategy take a thoughtful approach. Consider creating content that your consumers actually want to watch.




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