You might be asking yourself. Why do I need an Animated Video?

Well it's simple, here are the TOP 4 reasons...


Numero Uno. They're engaging, because Video uses the timeless method of storytelling as a way to hook your audience by providing context, through introducing the problem, the solution and why that solution will better solve your problems.
Two. It's easier to understand. With Animation you provide a simpler way to understand how and why your ideas work. Visually, it syphons out excess details and focuses on only the important elements.
Three. It taps into our basic emotions, which is at the core of engagement. From selling your service, to getting others involved in a worthwhile cause. Studies show time and time again that we make crucial decisions, not from a logical standpoint, but from an emotional one. Our decisions come from how they make us feel.
Four. It's scientifically proven to work because it stimulates both visual and auditory senses, and no other medium is able to stimulate both your eyes and ears.

Here are the stats:



  • 20% of website visitors will read most text, yet 80% will most certainly watch a video (Source: Forrester Research).

  • Because of its more engaging nature, Explainer videos are 6 times more likely to convert a casual visitor into customers (Source: Forrester Research).


Sales and Marketing

  • Companies like Google or DropBox that have used the benefit of an Explainer Video. 68% of the top 50 internet retailers use videos on their websites (source: Forrester Research).

  • Buyers are 98% more likely to watch a video than listen to a sales rep (Source: Forrester Research).

  • The response rate is increased 10 times, when watching a video vs. static graphics and text (Source: Double Click)



  • A video on your page will be 53 times more likely to receive an organic first page ranking (Source: Forrester Research).


The Science

  • The human brain will absorb 50% more information through animation and sound than any other medium (Source: Forrester Research).