Banking information can be complex to the general public. That's why an Explainer video for your financial institution can help alleviate the stress, and make more sound decisions when it comes to your financial future.


How can your financial institution use video?


  • Explain financial topics: There are many topics in the financial world that are confusing to some. Topics like Mortgages, Mutual funds, loans, and many more can be easily explained with a video.


  • Accounting: Many people and businesses can find it hard to understand this subject. A video that explains subjects like taxes, or even business expenses can help businesses and individuals be more efficient with managing their money.


  • Banking/ Accounting products: Banks have various products that people can take advantage of. So to make their products easier to understand and help customers find the right products, banks can make videos to explain each one.


  • Explain policies: There are some policies that many customers simply don't pay attention to. They can be very boring, and video can help make such processes a lot easier to digest and easier to understand.


Benefits of videos for finance


  • According to Internet Retailer, up to 85% of people are more likely to buy a product if they first saw an explainer video.


  • 70% of internet users are watching online video, So you can easily share your products with millions of people from any video platform.


  • According to Allan Paivio, People retain 58% more information when both visual and auditory senses are stimulated.