As a charity or non profit organization, it is crucial to gain awareness of specific causes. Explainer videos are a fun way to engage people and provide clarity regarding your cause. Video provides stronger engagement and provides meaning which helps you to bring on powerful supporters and evangelists to your cause.


How can your Non Profit use video?


  • Fundraising: Explain your cause and then set up a strong call to action so your viewers know exactly how to donate.

  • Campaigns: Help spread the word with the use of an emotionally engaging video that will make people share it across the web.

  • Awareness: If you want to generate simple awareness about a specific message or cause, use video to provide stronger knowledge retention. 

Benefits of using videos to explain your Non Profit Initiative


  • Videos are relatable and provide stronger emotional engagement to a cause than any other medium.

  • 70% of internet users are watching online video, So you can easily share your cause with millions of people from any video platform.

  • According to Allan Paivio, People retain 58% more information when both visual and auditory senses are stimulated.

  • According to Double Click, The response rate for video is increased 10 times vs. looking at static graphics and text.

Some Examples of Non Profit Videos